New Dimensionz is an independent consulting company which has a track record of building and tuning around businesses and portfolios in organizations to, believe or not, provide business value which has a direct impact on your bottom line. Some examples in this site include bottom line impact of over $500M.

Strategy. Even been to another corporate strategy meeting where all you end up with is a bigger laundry list of things to do? It does not work. We prefer true partnering for the longer term to ensure what is NOT done is as explicit as what is aimed for.

Planning. Then comes planning. How much is really taken from lessons learnt and just how closed is the planning to delivery loop?

Perform yet Transform. Are your products (goods and services) struggling to meeting current demands, while also being told you need to transform to compete? Are you struggling with the constant battle between managing short and managing long. As Jack Welsh once said, anyone can do either. We help you with that constant challenge.