What do you want to know about current best practices – what should you be planning for in relation to future trends and developments? For a number of years, New Dimensionz has contributed to the container supply chain conferences organised by Informa. This has consisted of presenting and moderating at the major conferences since 2007. We are currently working with Informa in shaping the content of the next major container supply chain conference and exhibition, TOC Asia 2015. The TOC Asia event returns to Singapore on 21 – 22 April 2015 to bring together stakeholders of the entire container supply chain who rely on port productivity as a vital element in their logistic operations.  We would like to know what you would like to know in relation to:

  • Current best practices in port logistics
  • Significant future trends and developments that you should be factoring into your plans

Some suggestions …

Best Practices:

  • Optimization – what are the realistic alternatives for manned, unmanned, and hybrid operations?
  • Avoiding equipment manufacturer / supplier lock-in through their “electronic hand-cuffs” and yet also avoiding multi-vendor finger pointing
  • Autonomous systems – systems and processes to ensure adherence with international safety standards (none of the current autonomous system OEMs would meet the standards).
  • Cyber security and attacks – Internal ICT systems, supply chain communications and processing, autonomous vehicle vulnerabilities.
  • Change management – the key ingredients for major initiatives, especially technology and automation.

Future trends and developments:

  • The impact of ‘next-shoring’ in the medium to long term – does not seem to be on anyone’s radar yet the impact could be profound for container handling.
  • Port ‘communities’ – what has actually been achieved in developing ‘smart-ports’, what is currently planned, and how will their success be measured?
  • End-to-end supply chain improvements – what has to change in the future to avoid the mistakes that keep being made today?
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John Hunter · August 31, 2014 at 7:38 pm

I’d like to see robot straddle carriers more widely used. When it comes to “automation” the emphasis seems to be upon the use of ASCs. These can be effective in some circumstances but by no means all. Unless also accompanied by AGVs or robot straddles, they also represent a huge investment to create what, in effect, is still a manned operation. I know of at least one terminal being planned where the operator will be spending around $220m+ simply on equipment for a 2-berth operation. There is therefore over-investment in the facility which has to have a negative impact on the supply chain e.g. the facility proving unviable, or costs being passed on to consumers. I’d also like to see robot straddles used in RoRo terminals in place of fork-lifts. Ground utilisation would be significantly improved meaning lower rents, lower infrastructure costs etc and safety would be vastly improved, leading to fewer employee injuries and less cargo damage. There is a very simple terminal design that can be used. Finally, I’d like to see Chain of Responsibility legislation rolled out internationally, to reduce the risks of over-loading of ships and trucks.

    New Dimensionz Moderator · September 2, 2014 at 6:41 pm

    John, all really good points. Thank you for this. We will be spending time with Informa later in the month going over a number of areas and this will be included.

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