Well over 100 years of experience on the program in this great, multi-vendor, multi-discipline team. And not everyone was there!

Not meaning to boast, but over the years we have achieved a couple of whole-of-industry-transformative world firsts using the full gamut of:

  • people leadership;
  • client engagement — lots of listening and learning, and creating ways to take the focus off contracts and onto outcomes;
  • reignited team dynamics and culture;
  • change management at front and center;
  • (non-trivial) process change;
  • broad and diverse harnessing of, multi-vendor, science, technology, mechanical, electronic, mechatronic, software engineering, and operations research (fully and semi autonomous systems/robotics) teams operating in concert … while providing unparalleled business outcomes, unrivalled financial returns, customer and wider stakeholder satisfaction, and international benchmark ROCE/ROIC.

These have been done using varying commercial constructs, including partnerships, joint ventures, and Australian Government Research linkage programs.

But we also gain a great deal of satisfaction doing more incremental portfolio, program and projects as well as providing assurance and advisory services.

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