Delivering feed-forward and feed-back loops for real-time train execution vs scheduling system estimates/actuals is non trivial! And taking that through from DoO, scheduling and planning horizons out to multiple years in near real time is also no easy task. We have done it, and can help you.

Immediately after delivering the Solution Assurance review with EY in relation to a program the Board were extremely concerned bout, New Dimensionz was invited to complete the largest digital transformation program (circa $75M) for Aurizon.

It is a world first for achieving fully dynamic planning, scheduling and day of operations of the complete network from 2 years into real-time updates and online feedback from Day of Operations.

Required managing a large number of external stakeholders, from mine owners and/or operators (e.g. BHP), multiple above rail operators of the network (Aurizon, Pacific National and others) as well as the port and terminal owners/operators.

Completed this in Aug 2019. We had to completely revamped the commercials, contracts, teams, change management, program management office and delivery methodology for digital centric transformations, along with benefits realisation.

All while working under the comprehensive Queensland Competition Authorities requirements to have the (intangible asset) investment recognised under the states Regulated Asset Base.

The vastly reorganized program was implemented in smaller bite-sized tranches, each of which was successfully released on time and within budget.

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